European Master and Certification Program
in Risk Engineering and Management

Risk Perception and Risk Communication

June 1 - 3, 2015
Stuttgart, Germany

Lecturer: Michael Löscher

This course presents theoretical backgrounds and state-of-the-art research issues on perception and communication of risk. It aims to provide a solid basis for further developments of such work tasks by including theoretical achievements in the related fields, various examples from field work, and an internal training exercise. The understanding of communication processes and the improving of information and communication techniques related to risk and hazards are central themes of the course. The course will also provide insight into selected historical aspects as well as current topics and literature. 

In order to facilitate the bridge between theory and practice, a special attention will be given to two methodologies that enable the implementation of Risk Perception and Risk Communication concepts: The Delphi and the Focus Group. Beyond their description, this unit will be complemented with exercises based on experience of Focus & Delphi group work.  

The course will provide the participant with a theoretical background sufficient to develop, investigate and otherwise contribute to research applications in core topics of the fields. It will contribute to develop skills and ability to prepare and conduct data collections based on focus group work. Also the participant shall be able to select fruitful research topics and relevant methodological approaches for further analyses and discussions and shall be able to present research results at conferences and in international publications.

The course is dedicated to the master students within the field of safety and risk and researchers that will specialize in these fields, as well as to professionals in industry/public governance involved in decision processes related to risk. At the end of the course attendees are expected to:

  • have extended knowledge about the research areas
  • understand the basics of reactions to various risk and hazards
  • understand and be able to utilize communication tools in smaller groups as well as larger societal settings.

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