European Master and Certification Program
in Risk Engineering and Management

Safety and Reliability Analysis

May 26 - 29, 2015
Stuttgart, Germany

Lecturer: Gopika Vinod

This course presents the basic theory for safety and reliability analysis. The starting point is definition and discussion of basic concepts related to reliability and risk analysis. Then qualitative techniques like functional analysis, FMECA and identification and evaluation of faults and hazards are introduced. The next step is to introduce familiar quantification techniques like reliability block diagrams, fault- and event tree analysis, and Markov methods. Special attention is paid to safety-critical systems (IEC 61508) where analysis of systems with common cause failures is important. The course ends with methods for estimation of failure rates and a survey of reliability data sources.

The course aims to provide:

Knowledge: The course shall give a thorough introduction to basic concepts and approaches related to analysis and evaluation of safety and reliability of technical equipment – with a special focus on equipment that is used for production and distribution of energy.

Skills: The attendees shall be able to identify and assess failures of single units and of complex systems. They shall be able to assess which parts of a system that are of special importance to prevent system failures. They shall further be able to apply different methods to determine the reliability of single items and complex systems, and identify the pros and cons related to each method.

General competence: The attendees shall learn to understand the importance of safety and reliability in relation to applications within production assurance, quality, risk, environmental protection, and sustainable development. They shall, in addition, gain an understanding of the relationship between costs/disadvantages and benefits related to different safety measures.

The course is dedicated to professional within the field of reliability, safety, risk and maintenance and experts and researchers that will specialize in these fields, and industry (maintenance leaders, safety engineers etc).

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