European Master and Certification Program
in Risk Engineering and Management

CWA 15740 RIMAP - The Basics

March 14, 2014
Pancevo, Serbia

The focus of the course is given to the document, CWA (CEN Workshop Agreement) 15740: 2008, Risk-Based Inspection and Maintenance Procedures for European Industry (RIMAP). It aims to explain reasons to develop the European procedure, differences and advantages in comparison to API RBI methodology.

The CWA document provides the essential elements of risk based assessment of industrial assets according to the RIMAP approach. The document is intended for the establishment of RBIM (Risk-based Inspection and Maintenance) policies in power, processes, and steel industries etc.

  • professionals (engineers, managers, inspectors, legislators, …) who wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of risk based inspection
  • other professionals dealing with risk and safety in industry
  • individuals with previous experience in the field of risk based inspection, but willing to extend their knowledge and take up new roles in this field within their companies.

Course Content:

Risk-based inspection and maintenance procedures for European industry (RIMAP; CEN document CWA 15740)
RIMAP Framework
RIMAP Requirements 
RIMAP Procedure
Data collection and validation
Multilevel risk analysis (ranging from screening to detailed)
Determine PoF & CoF
Risk assessment


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Course code: 161334 (SEM)
Language of instruction: English
Duration of the course: 3.0 hours
Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Aleksandar S. Jovanovic (Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies)

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