Important steps from application to enrolment
Step 1: Preliminary check of eligibility

In case of interest of starting the Master Program, the following documents have to be sent for preliminary eligibility check: 

  • Cover/motivation letter

  • University diploma/University degree certificate

  • University transcript

  • Signed CV (Europass template)

  • English language certificate

Please send these documents by email to The application to the Master Program is open during the whole year.

Step 2: Application

If the applicant is deemed to be eligible for the Master Program (see Requirements), he/she will be informed about the tuition fee and payment details and will receive application forms (if feasible, will be invited to preliminary interview): 

  • Study application form

  • Project specification form
After the payment and submission of the application forms, the applicant will receive an admission form to fill out.

Please return signed forms by email to

Step 3: Enrolment

Finally, to enroll, the following documents are needed:

  • Signed admission form

  • University diploma/University degree certificate

  • University transcript

  • Secondary school diploma
After the enrolment the applicant will receive a study contract, enrolment certificate and student's ID.

Please send by email to

Note: If above documents were not issued in English or German, certified translations have to be submitted.