European Master and Certification Program
in Risk Engineering and Management

Emerging Risks

November 8, 2014
CUEB, Beijing

The course introduces and transfers knowledge on emerging risks and management of emerging risks. The risks considered as "emerging" are primarily the risks previously not recognized as such, e.g. the risks due to new processes, new technologies, new ways of working or risks due to social or organizational changes (the risks linked to nanotechnologies, bio-technology, new chemicals, outsourcing, globalization are practical examples tackled within the course). The risks due to the change in public perception or new scientific knowledge are considered as well.

The main objective of the course is to introduce the concept of "emerging risks" and explain to the students the issues of early recognition, classification and monitoring of emerging risks. Further the course will present frameworks, procedure and factors of emerging risks. Particular attention will be paid to the methodology to deal with these risks. The methodology, as expected, requires new methods and tools. These methods and tools will be elaborated during the course, concentrating in particular onto indicators and modern IT tools, including the application of data mining and web semantics.

Many interesting examples as well as results from the current EU and other research projects will be highlighted and explained in detail to the course participants.

This course is dedicated to the professionals with or without previous experience in the field of risk engineering and management and to the students of the different study programs tackling in general the issues of risk. The structure of the courses units, methodology of leading the course will allow even to the beginners in this field to understand and adopt main topics.

The participants of the course will particularly benefit from lecturing done by experts actually leading or participating in the most important research and development projects in EU dedicated to the emerging risks.

The course also presents key elements of the CSR, focuses on CSR methodologies and tools and on the technology related aspects as a part of the modern practices of industry (HSE, HSSE). Analysis/comparison of the practices in the EU, US and other countries and relevant data and information on best practices worldwide are elaborated, including a number of relevant case studies from the key industries and references to main sources of relevant data and information. A particular unit of the course is dedicated to new ISO 260000 standard.

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