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SafeChina - Promoting the EU and German standards and practices of Environmental Protection and Industrial Safety in China

In the framework of the DEG project SafeChina herewith, we announce the forthcoming course

Risk Analysis in Petrochemical Industry

July 25 - 29, 2011
Beijing, China

Lecturer: Giovanni Uguccioni

The course is part of a modern and modular European Master and Certification Program set up in the EU project iNTeg-Risk by Steinbeis University (STI Advanced Risk Technologies) and other project partners.

The petroleum industry is changing rapidly, challenging organizations and individuals to keep pace and distinguish opportunity from understanding, assessing and managing risk. This course presents current global and regional issues of risk analysis in petrochemical industries. Topics include risk aspects and methods for hazard identification, probability and consequences analysis, risk assessment, and health, safety and environment issues related to petrochemical industries.

During the 4-day course the participants will have the opportunity

  • to get familiar with risk aspects and methods for hazard identification applied in petrochemical industries
  • to learn how to perform probability and consequences analysis and risk assessment
  • to recognize what are the health, safety and environment issues related to petrochemical industries

Engineers, managers at all levels, inspectors, legislators and other professionals dealing with risk and safety in petrochemical industry as well as students, will profit from the course by

  • increasing their understanding of strengths and weaknesses of different approaches and
  • extending their knowledge on current risk based approaches for petrochemical plants.

SafeChina Course I-R2 PETRO:
Risk Analysis in Chemical/Petroleum Industries

Dipl.-Ing. Giovanni Uguccioni
Steinbeis University Berlin, Steinbeis Transfer Institute Advanced Risk Technologies
Willi-Bleicher-Straße 19
70174 Stuttgart, Germany

Get more info and register for the course now:

Registration deadline: October 31, 2011
Course venue:
Beijing Municipal Institute of Labour Protection


Course venue: 

No. 55 Taoranting Road, 
Beijing, China

For more info about the European Master and Certification Program in Risk Engineering and Management
see http://www.sti.risk-technologies.com
For more info send an email to sti889@risk-technologies.com or call +49 711 1839 781 or +49 711 1839 647
In the case of cancellation of the course by the organizers, the participants are entitled to the full reimbursement of the prepaid fees.
In the case of participant's cancellation less than 1 week prior to the course, the fees will be retained in full.
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